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Witt O'Brien's

Management Consulting · Washington, DC
Website: www.wittobriens.com

ARE YOU CRISIS-READY? Unexpected events are disruptive. Mismanaged, they can put you out of business. ABOUT US We specialize ... in crisis and emergency management. That's all we do -- no distractions. Our mission is to make your organization as resilient as possible in an unpredictable world. Everything we do, and all our operations, are designed with this goal in mind. We're not desk-bound consultants. We deploy on short notice to help you overcome the most challenging events of your career. We're the partner you want by your side in a crisis. OUR TEAM Experience counts for a lot in a crisis. It helps cut through the chaos to chart a clear course to recovery. Our experts have lived through a lot. We’ve led communities facing the greatest challenge of their lives. We've helped companies rebound from crises that threatened to put them out of business. We’re resourceful, creative and resilient. We run towards the problem, not away from it. We readily transfer our skills and experience, to build your organization's capacity and resilience. OUR SOLUTIONS Most organizations and communities are not crisis-ready. If disaster strikes, they don't have a plan and quickly lose control of the situation. That damages their operations, reputation -- even their viability. We help you prepare for the unexpected and manage the crisis. Our mission is to help you minimize disruption and get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible. OUR MARKETS Every organization is different. But the threats they face are often the same, and they all need to be resilient to disruption. We tailor our approach to your organization and culture, but draw on our experience across sectors and geographies. We believe our approach is unique, as we're the only specialist in crisis management with deep experience across both government and business. read more

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