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Our ML algorithm finds the most similar firms to any company. Find 10x more companies 10x faster!

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What we do

Our Machine-learning enabled tool gives you the most similar companies to your inputed target firm. We also find the e-mail addresses of the company's representitive.

Use cases

Competitor research

Who are your competitors? Which companies are active in a specific sector? Stop wasting your time and identify these companies within a click!

Use cases

Lead generation

Are you looking for high quality prospects? Over are the days where you spent your precious time on the 11th page of google trying to find comparable companies. With Comparable-Companies, this is done with the click of a button.

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Company Search
Use our company search dashboard to find similar companies within seconds.
Download our chrome plugin, and similar companies will be just 1 click away
Similarity index
Receive first-hand quantitative insights on the similarity of two companies
Company newsrun
A tool which accumulates all the information around a certain company and its market
Email finder
Find out the email address of senior employee's at your target company in just a click
And many more
We are constantly adding new features - if you have any idea please shoot us an email!