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Testworks Inc.

Information Technology and Services · Seoul
Website: www.testworks.co.kr

Testworks is a social enterprise company in Seoul, Korea. We create innovative solutions in AI data and software testing fiel ... ds while providing an inclusive employment model for socially disadvantaged people. Our technical excellence ranges from AI data processing automation to manual software testing and review. We are recognized as the best-in-class data processing company for building quality datasets used for AI training and verification. AI with Mom’s Touch The most time-consuming part in AI development is preparing the data. Every AI research takes heart of the mantra, “garbage in, garbage out.” Data scientists, for instance, usually spend 80% of their time in preparing and cleaning the data. Preparing the data is a laborious and unglamorous job but it is the most important part for successful machine learning. Testworks is an expert in solving the data quality problem from the ground up with “Mom’s” touch. The annotation team includes experienced annotators, some on the autism spectrum as well as women returning to workplace after years of raising families. The returning Moms provide a perfect care and communication support for annotators with autism, many of whom now serving as reviewers, mentors and contributing members of society. Mom knows best. Testworks knows data best. read more

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