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Sydney Today Pty Ltd

Media Production · sydney, nsw

Sydney Today was established in April 2010. Since then it has become Australia's NO.1 Chinese social media with the most user ... s and local information. Sydney Today is integrated with the most popular social network sites. Working in conjunction with the social networking platforms enables fast distribution of both Australian local and Chinese news. With this innovative ways of distribution Sydney Today was able to become the frontier of Australian Chinese media. Other distinctive attributes of Sydney Today include: -Number of comments often exceeds 3 digits -Recognition by Sydney Morning Herald -User created content -Localised information -Vigilant scrutiny as to credibility of information Since its establishment,Sydney Today has been committed to address everyday real problems for the broad user community. In the mean time, great efforts have been made to provide Australia Chinese with the most comprehensive and authentic news from Australia, enabling Australian Chinese and new immigrants to better understand and integrate into the country. Our Australia news mainly comprises Social News, Financial News, Real Estate News and Chinese Community News, all compiled and translated by Sydney Today's editorial team. Our core principle being to provide everyone with the best news and the most useful information! 我们的使命、愿景和价值观 今日传媒集团是澳大利亚目前最大的华人互联网媒体平台。 集团旗下拥有五大城市互联网媒体:今日悉尼、今日墨尔本、今日昆士兰、今日阿德、今日珀斯,以及三个垂直领域的互联网平台:今日澳洲地产、今日旅游和今日健康。 自2010年4月29日成立以来,今日传媒集团秉承“最好看的新闻,最实用的信息”的经营理念,逐步成为全澳华人社区最具影响力和品牌价值的复合型华人媒体集团。 在澳洲,无论是每日的新闻速度、新闻广度、还是新闻数量,今日传媒集团都远远领先于传统媒体和其它同类型媒体;在生活资讯方面, 集团秉承“用户第一”的原则,全部版块免费发布,并且坚持“本地化、真实、高效”三大特色,服务覆盖在澳生活的各个领域,是全澳最大的分类信息平台。 今日传媒集团目前总部设在澳大利亚悉尼CBD,在墨尔本、布里斯班、阿德莱德、珀斯和中国等多地均设有分公司,集团总人数已达百人规模。 我们的使命: 帮助海外华人更高效获取生活资讯,以及更全面了解新闻事件。 我们的愿景: 通过5年的努力,成为澳大利亚华人的生活必需品! 通过10年的努力,成为全球海外华人了解所在国、祖(籍)国和了解全世界的必需品! 通过20年的努力,成为整个华人世界最有影响力的互联网媒体平台! 我们的价值观: 以团队的分担和成长为初心! 以读者的需求和体验为核心! 以用户的想法和目标为重心! 坚持诚信、创新、激情、敬业! read more

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