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Stewart EFI, LLC

Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing · Thomaston, Connecticut

Precision Metal Stamping Specialists Stewart EFI ranks among the largest international suppliers of precision metal, deep dra ... wn, progressive die and slide-formed metal stamped components, wire forms, automated and secondary assemblies, plating and metal finishing services. Founded in New York City in 1936, the company is financially strong and well positioned to satisfy the demand for precision metal stamped components and assemblies from both domestic and international manufacturers in a wide variety of markets. In 1999, Eyelets for Industry, Inc. (known as EFI), joined forces with Stewart Stamping Corporation to form the basis of present day Stewart EFI. Combining EFI's extensive expertise in deep drawn transfer press stamping with Stewart Stamping’s progressive die stamping capabilities now provides the marketplace with the broad range of options. This company is looking towards the future and becoming more substantial to suppliers and well organized businesses. Stewart EFI wants to make sure our employees feel at home and safe in the environment that is provided. There are over 200 machines in total to meet the criteria of what is being produced and needed for specific projects. New equipment is being purchased to help the flow of production and make it more efficient. By adding some of these machines and equipment to the company, we are increasing our efforts to become more successful for the future generations. By thinking toward the future, our company provides some machines that are enclosed and ventilated through a filter and then released into the air. This cuts down the pollution within the work place, which later provides cleaner air to breathe while working all day. read more

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