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Sony Biotechnology Inc.

Biotechnology ยท San Jose, CA

At Sony Biotechnology, our flow cytometry and imaging products reflect our full commitment to produce and support high qualit ... y, innovative products to support advanced biomedical research. Founded in 1995, we are based in San Jose, California with affiliate offices in Japan, China and Europe. Innovation Research and Development as well as engineering teams are based in Japan. Their innovative approaches and technical know-how is incorporated into our product platforms has been recognized in patents as well as numerous technology and design awards. For example, to improve stability, our systems allow direct monitoring of particle flow status using technology originally developed for the Blu-ray disk that delivers error free performance while operating at very high speed. In conventional flow cytometers, this accuracy largely depends on skillful operators. To deliver very low noise electronics, our systems incorporate technologies that have brought pure, true sound to music. This Sony know-how reduces signal noise from the electric circuit currents to achieve very low noise electronics so that rogue signal noise does not get in the way of delivering accurate results to scientists. Importantly, our innovations also come from looking beyond the conventional made possible by constant sensing and deep study of advanced technologies for superior solutions to customer challenges. Our use of microfluidics and spectral analysis are two examples of this innovative approach to product design and development. read more

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