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Skyrora Ltd

Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing · Edinburgh

Skyrora is a UK launch vehicle provider aiming to support the government plans for space sector growth through the developmen ... t of an orbital vehicle and carefully selected supply chain innovations that we believe will reinforce the industry for years to come. Skyrora’s strategy is to take an incremental ‘step-by-step’ approach to allow for critical testing and de-risking. We utilise proven technology in combination with advanced additive manufacturing methods, taking significant inspiration from previous UK space heritage, sharing the same propellant combination as Black Arrow and utilising learnings from Skylark for our suborbital test programme. As part of Skyrora’s de-risking approach, we have developed four suborbital rockets in order to perform real-time testing of the avionics, ground control systems, payload deployment and recovery systems of the vehicles in parallel with the development of our orbital rocket. Skyrora’s four suborbital rockets ascend from Skylark Nano, through to Skylark Micro, SkyHy and finally to Skylark-L. Skylark Nano began Skyrora’s flight test programme with its first successful launch from Easter Ross in August 2018. The remaining vehicles are due to launch within the next 12 months. Our orbital vehicle, Skyrora XL consists of 3 stages with a re-ignitable maneuverable third stage allowing for the specific placement of satellites in orbit. Skyrora XL will be able to carry 315kg of weight up to 500km high. read more

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