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Sensei Labs

Computer Software · Toronto, Ontario

The notion of “Survival of the Fastest” has never been truer. We’re living in a new Era that demands enterprises effectively ... orchestrate people, processes, and technology to drive better outcomes at a much, much FASTER pace than ever before. For today’s leading enterprises, the ability to survive and thrive is about conducting the SYMPHONY of your best players so that they’re all in sync, on time, and playing together. Welcome to The Enterprise Orchestration Era! Our customers – some of the world’s largest and most successful enterprises — are looking for new, more effective ways to ORCHESTRATE. Be it organization-wide, function-specific, or even program-specific – effective enterprise ORCHESTRATION will be a differentiator to THRIVE in the future. Here at Sensei Labs we began studying what we consider The Future of Work many years ago. Our thoughts were first captured in The Decoded Company, our New York Times bestselling book released in 2014. Our thinking in the book was very well received and led directly to the creation of Sensei Labs and our award-winning Conductor platform. It remains as relevant today as it was seven years ago, as we’re still seeing enterprises challenged with conducting this symphony -- and being able to effectively orchestrate their teams. So how can enterprises “Thrive” in this new Era? The tools to help your organization orchestrate, known as tech-enabled collaborative work management – are at the core of what we do at Sensei Labs. Through our partner-centric business model, we often work with leading global consulting firms — or in cases where organizations have in-house strategic expertise, directly with Fortune 1000 and large government organizations — to deliver on the promise of Enterprise Orchestration. Our Conductor platform has become the proven transformation orchestrator for innovative organizations... and we can help you quickly tech-enable your next critical initiative. read more

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