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Research ยท 75000, Ile de France
Website: rmse.skml.fr

RMSE is a scientific association that supports, optimizes and promotes health research. RMSE pursues the following objectives ... : A- Methodological support for research in the field of health, optimization and popularization of scientific production 1. Support for health research in Southern and Northern countries. 2. Highlight the important human, intellectual and organizational potential of young people in Southern and Northern countries, by encouraging research in health-related fields and supporting scientific production and valorisation, within a framework collaborative and participative. 3. Diagnose in a collaborative vision, the little invested problems, in each specific environment. In the area of social networks, it is promising to innovate the less traditional structuring and functioning of teams and research projects. 4. To develop an international breeding ground for collaboration, innovation, exchange and scientific popularization, with the aim of promoting participation in health research, a young and not highly specialized public, in a flexible organizational framework and network collaboration. 5. Highlight multidisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity in scientific research related to health. B- Specific objectives oriented towards public health issues in Southern countries 1. To study disease burden 2. To strengthen health information systems 3. To map and model malaria and its spatio-temporal evolutions as well as risk-increasing factors 4. Modeling and estimating the impact of control actions and strategies 5. Establish and strengthen monitoring and early warning systems. read more

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