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Computer Software · Scottsdale, AZ

Working at Parchment requires passion, drive & commitment. Our employees (see: Parchies) are not only start-up minded, but al ... so willing to invest their talents to build & scale the first-ever digital credential service. In short, we hire mensches – which are “people with integrity and honor”, for those who don’t speak Yiddish. At any given time, you may find these mensches: -Joining the Tuesday all-company meetings, cleverly titled “Every Tuesday.” Here, executives share wins & other key updates that affect the business. If you’re not at our HQ, join our remote employees & 4 other offices via live video. We are a tech company after all. -Submitting a FTGAPI That stands for “Find the Good and Praise it.” Parchies recognize one another for a job well done on a weekly basis and then they’re shared by our Executives during Every Tuesday meetings. -Completing their quarterly 5-5-4, our internal Net Promoter Score that measures Parchies’ attitudes toward the company. We ask five questions of each employee, 5 questions of each manager, 4 times per year. And we take this very seriously. We want to make Parchment a best place to work. -Meeting 1:1 with our CEO. He has an open door policy & wants to hear from every Parchie. Turns out, there are such things as bad ideas. But we still want to hear them. -Empowering each other. A women’s group was established to help the women of Parchment become architects of change in education technology. The group is appropriately titled ParchSHE & meets monthly. -Coming together for lunch each Friday. A company who eats together, stays together. Parchment orders in lunch each week to celebrate the great accomplishments of the week. And if it was a bad week, we bring in soup. We are always searching for people that are looking for more than a job, but a signature career experience. We believe we’re onto something great here & we’re thrilled by anyone who wants to build Parchment with us. Apply to be a Parchie today. read more

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