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Paradox Knight Online

Computer Games ยท Logan, Queensland

Server Information Level Cap:80 NO EXPING Instant LvL 80 Silver Bars From Worms +8/+1 max - Farming will be light to medium, ... its a PK server after all but we want you to have something to do when you dont want to PK. - Starter gear = shells +8 and high class weapons +8. - The best weapons you can obtain are Juraid and Bi-Frost. There will be better armors/weapons released later in expansions but they will be balanced. - Almost all farming takes place in CZ, even Bi-Frost is disabled. We did this for maximum activity in CZ. There will be tons of raids - Donators Are Not Going To Be Over Powered You Will Find. 95% of stuff Farmable in Game. - Classes are perfectly balanced - Most monsters have been set up so solo players have a shot at getting gear. All Bi-Frost monsters are soloable. My goal is to have everyone have an equal chance at being geared, not just the top clans. Upgrade Rates (no trina) - +1-+5 100% - +5-+6 80% - +6-+7 50% - +7-+8 35% Upgrade Rates (with trina) - +1-+6 100% - +6-+7 75% - +7-+8 50% Jewel Upgrade Rteas - +0-+1 35% Zones - Juraid - BDW - UTC - Chaos Key Features/Events - Gambling system - CSW - Automated Boss Wars - FT (100% working as it should!) - Juraid (100% working very similiar to USKO. Auto gem rewards for both winning and losing parties. - BDW (100% working with blue chest reward to the winning party) - Custom Quests - Custom Bosses - Custom GM Events - Weekly KC rewards for the user with the most monthly ladders for that week - Vote rewards - Custom Panel scripts (such as KC transfer to another account) - Scripts ingame such as clan leader change and clan name change - Free nation transfer 3x per month - Premium system for increased NP's - Flame Ring, Imir Ring, and Shio Ring elementals work but are magician only! - Chaos Stone (spawn 5 random bosses) - Bonus NP monument in CZ for the nation that destroys it - CTRL Minor is disabled - Multiclient (you're allowed to use 2x clients, but there is strict rules that apply if you use it in events) read more

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