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Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics

Research · Garching b. München, Bayern

Laser light is a pivotal tool of the XXIst century. The internet features several hundred million entries about lasers, laser ... -based sources and techniques, briefly: photonics, which ranks among the key disciplines in technology-development roadmaps of major economies. They offer the potential for pushing the frontiers of science as well as of biomedical and information technologies. Founded in 2006 and building on an established network of collaborations between physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians, the Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP) aims - in cooperation with the industry - at exploiting this potential by drawing on state-of-the-art low- (<10 keV) and high-energy (<<10 keV) photonic tools. MAP research is guided by several long-term objectives and visions. In the microcosm they centre on electronic phenomena relevant to technology and life: the exploration of ultimate limits of electronics and routes for approaching it as well as insight into the microscopic origin of diseases and into ways of combating them. A major goal in the macrocosm is a cost-effective instrumentation for the early diagnosis of diseases including early cancer detection, and for cancer therapy with particle beams before the emergence of metastases. The mission of MAP is to create an unparalleled infrastructure in photonics, on the long run sustained by the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications - CALA, and a lasting bridge between physical and biomedical sciences. This allows for the pursuit of challenging scientific, technological and societal endeavours just as training young scientists and promoting their careers in a uniquely inter-disciplinary environment. read more

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