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Information Technology and Services · Napoli, Campania

Imagine a company that is not only there when a problem needs solving, but is always by your side as your partner. It lives a ... nd breathes technology. It unapologetically looks to the future. Its greatest strength is each and every person it employs. That’s Kineton. Founded in Italy in March 2017 by hardcore techies, we’ve spent our time since then building the future. Not only ours, but yours. When technology, automotive, and communication services are needed, Kineton is always there to the rescue. Being at our partner’s side or running projects from our own state-of-the-art laboratories, we do it all for you – planning your goals, strategizing possibilities, taking care of problems with innovative solutions, we’ll make sure that the future won’t pass you by. And how does Kineton truly separate itself from the rest of the pack? We’re able to combine our expertise in many fields such as automotive, media, telecommunications, and entertainment in one unified, multidisciplinary project that will truly scream “excellence”. Want to see how? Click here! We are a one-stop-shop for all your hi-tech needs! We’ve grown a bit since our humble beginnings, and our wide-ranging network of engineers and partners reaches all over. We’ve still haven’t met a challenge we didn’t like – come see how we can work with you. read more

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