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Intrigia Student Media

Newspaper Publishing · Sweden

Intrigia Student Media is a non-profit, managing youth magazines whose purpose is to convey interesting and easily accessible ... knowledge to high school students. Our vision is that through our activities we could inspire more people to consider further education in the social, natural and economic sciences. The organisation is run by over 20 dedicated high school students scattered throughout Sweden: from Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg to Gothenburg and Stockholm. All articles are written by us and the website is coded by one of our writers. The majority of us spend a great deal of our free time in academic environments, which includes everything from competitions to research schools. These experiences have allowed us to immerse ourselves in different key areas within social, natural and economic science. Through Intrigia we are given the opportunity to share our knowledge. Our shared passion is what drives us to work on this in our spare time, completely non-profit. We believe that it is important that science is introduced properly so that everyone is given an honest chance to discover and take advantage of their interest. Currently, we manage and operate the following magazines: - Founded 2019 by Oskar Wendt and Karl Sellergren with the purpose to give ambitious students a platform to share their favourite topics within natural science. - Started by Hugo Stålhammar and Felix Gavelstad in 2020 with the purpose share entrepreneurial and economic articles to interested students. - Founded by Daniel Öhman and Andreas Ottosson in 2020 with the ambition to provide a platform for articles on social science. Chairman of the Board: Jonathan Dahlqvist (Since 2021) Chief Executive Officer: David Sandström (Since 2021) read more

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