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Aviation & Aerospace ยท Huntington Beach, California

Ista-Grid is a Company which provides materials, space satellites & the USA might sustain Energy, Missile Defense, Space Comm ... unication also Mars relay infrastructure, consisting of orbiter satellites. These satellites can provide standardized telecommunication services for rovers and landers on the martian surface, in the martian atmosphere, or in Mars orbit. Using mass production techniques for satellite structure, power & antenna relays. The abundant supply of fusion-based energy produced by the sun remains to be efficiently harvested. The collection of solar radiation in space could potentially be an order-of-magnitude more effective than ground-based technology be-cause in space, solar insulation is continuous and un-attenuated by the atmosphere. These potential ad-vantages have motivated efforts to design space solar power systems since the early 1960s. Reference 2 gives a timely and thorough review of previously proposed designs. In the early 1960 NASA, ATT & Bell made a huge inflatable balloon communication satellite called ECHO, we took this concept to new construction for absorbing solar energy and integrated communication for delivery of both signals & energy, we call it the Power-StarTM. read more

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