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Infrea AB

Facilities Services · Stockholm

Infrea provide services within infrastructure, within the business areas Civil engineering & Public works and Water and Sewag ... e. Civil engineering & Public works, earthworks and laying asphalt are important elements as communities grow and expand their infrastructure. Infrea’s subsidiaries have the skills to handle the entire chain in earthworks and construction. Infrea has its own construction equipment and resources for asphalt production, which ensures great flexibility and control. Customers include states and municipalities, as well as private companies and organizations. In Water and Sewage, clean water from the tap and pipes that carry away our wastewater are taken for granted in society today. Infrea’s subsidiary offers water and sewage services to ensure that what we don’t see still works. Infrea carries out pipe inspections with cameras, slurry removal, high-pressure flushing, dry suction, feeding of pipes and transport of hazardous waste and residual water. Customers include states, municipalities, county councils, industry and the private sector. The business strategy is to acquire and develop businesses with sound foundation and clear improvement potential, grow geographically, and continue to develop owned companies through long-term commitment and entrepreneurship. Infreas continued growth will consist of a combination of geographical and organic growth, complementary acquisitions of companies within existing business areas and the addition of additional business areas by acquiring companies with similar character and market conditions. The business areas consist of individual companies with own brands and are planned to maintain this structure, including coming additional business areas. read more

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