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Computer Software · Denver, Colorado

The best part about building OKR software is having a front row seat as our clients get OKR “religion.” Take, for example, th ... e story of one customer, a 16 office ‘mittelstand’ manufacturing firm in Germany, which experienced successive years of significant growth. They needed to a better way to orchestrate the company’s growth across various functions, particularly in highly uncertain times. One executive, Christiane, volunteered to lead the initiative. Early in the project, Christiane learned of OKRs-a proven methodology for sustainable organizational growth that was made famous by Intel and Google. OKRs track overall group achievement while also keeping individuals accountable to the group. OKRs via Excel would simply not work, so she began to look for a software platform. That is when she came to Gtmhub-with 3 criteria. -Highly customizable to the unique needs of her company A few minutes of searching will uncover the importance of customizing OKRs to organizations, functions, and teams. -high degrees of automation in updating key results Few co-workers would adopt OKRs if it became another “to-do” list of manual tasks. -Global Alignment Maps Christiane knew that the OKR skeptics were most likely to come around if they saw how all the pieces aligned with each other. A reality of the OKR SaaS business is that mastery of OKRs as a discipline takes time. Like sticking to a diet or exercise, initial progress is slow for anyone. That is why training and coaching is so important. However, there is a moment after about 3-6 months where it starts to “click.” The former OKR skeptics become believers. The rest of the company becomes evangelists. For Christiane, the proof was in the sales number. With the help of OKRs, they were outperforming their pre-OKR stretch goals by 42%. We have partnered ever since. Today, Christiane is the OKRs Lead, works directly with the senior executive team, and coordinates with 12 OKR ambassadors throughout the company. read more

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