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Go Youth International Education Group

Education Management · San Francisco, CA
Website: www.goyouths.com

Go Youth is a multinational group with business across overseas study, investment immigration, global capital allocation, pro ... fessional individual financial advisory, overseas investment as well as merging and acquisition. It is headquartered in San Francisco with subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, London, Vancouver, Lisbon, Dubai, Melbourne and Hong Kong. Our staffs are finance talents with Harvard and Stanford background, and experience working at Wall Street. We also have partnership with the Sicart Associates LLC in Manhattan, the Pallas Global Capital LLC and the Transamerica, which has over 100 years of history and owns the landmark Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco. Go Youth Education is funded by a group of young entrepreneurs from famous overseas universities, specializing providing personalized education platforms for young international students. Our goal is to assist Chinese students dealing with cultural conflicts during their study overseas. Guiding teenage students to learn about western culture and build a solid foundation for their study. Our multi-culture education program is designed to help students to perceive the right value and become more independent. It will also broaden their horizons and mentor their critical thinking as well as improving their communication skills. Go Youth 久宇思国际是集高端留学、投资移民、全球资产配置、家庭专业理财、海外投资并购于一体的跨国集团公司。公司总部位于美国旧金山。在北京、上海、深圳、新加坡、伦敦、温哥华、里斯本、迪拜、墨尔本、香港均有子公司。各公司有毕业于哈佛、斯坦福等名校精英;更有经验丰富的华尔街金融人士;同时与位于曼哈顿的Sicart Associates LLC(美国世家股份有限公司)、Pallas Global Capital LLC、以及拥有100多年历史并有旧金山地标性建筑泛美金字塔的Transamerica 公司等都是良好的合作伙伴。 Go Youth 久宇思教育是由来自一群海外名校归国菁英成立,专为中国低龄青少年定制化的背景提升以及国际教育平台,致力于辅佐中国留学生走出海外求学旅程中所遇到的“文化冲击”。引领10-18岁青少年学习西方历史文化,奠定坚固的留学文化基础。在多元化国际高端教育项目的实践下,塑造正确的人生观,价值观,培养和提高独立自主的能力,有效帮助青少年拓宽国际视野,引导批判性思维的培养,并让其在生活中熟悉掌握西方交际文化礼仪。 read more

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