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Oil & Energy ยท San Jose, CA
Website: www.efuelco.com

eFUEL, LLC is a privately held, On-Site Fueling Company, supplying diesel fuel to transportation companies throughout the Nor ... thern California region. We offer a wide variety of services aimed at improving fuel management, resource allocation and fuel maintenance. We also provide generator-fueling solutions to help companies avoid costly production downtime and ensure the safety of employees and other building occupants during power disruptions. Our goal is to provide our customers with an assortment of valuable and efficiency-oriented services and solutions. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of those we serve. eFUEL, LLC was created in response to the rising costs associated with fueling fleets and equipment in a variety of industries. Everyone from small company owners to large corporation managers recognized the need to find a viable solution to reduce the impact of rising fuel costs. Many companies chose to invest in onsite fuel storage facilities, but this solution didn't address the issue of wasted driver wages and the resulting reduced productivity. Companies who chose not to tie up capital and resources in onsite storage were left with few options for relief from elevated costs. In the late 1990s government regulators began requiring the testing and retrofitting of fuel storage facilities. This led companies that had hoped to manage costs by installing their own fuel storage facilities to recognize that fuel storage units were a cost prohibitive solution. Something more was needed. As a result, eFUEL, LLC was born. eFUEL, LLC understood that the solution had to come from an operations area that the company could control, namely resource management. eFUEL, LLC provides the means for companies, small and large, to take advantage of their ability to more effectively manage their resources. Since 1994, eFUEL, LLC has been helping companies with fueling solutions designed to cut costs and boost efficiency. read more

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