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DS Services

Food & Beverages · Atlanta, GA
Website: www.water.com

DS Services of America®, Inc. and AquaTerra Corporation are now doing business in the U.S. and Canada as Primo Water North Am ... erica®! One of North America’s largest bottled water companies, we deliver safe, great-tasting water to homes, businesses, and retail locations across the U.S. and Canada via 12 regional brands and three national brands — Alhambra, Canadian Springs, Crystal Rock, Crystal Springs, Deep Rock, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Labrador Source, Mountain Valley Water, Mount Olympus, Nursery, Primo, Sierra Spring, Sparkletts and Vermont Pure. We provide direct delivery to more than 1.8 million homes and business locations locations across 50 U.S. states and Canada, covering 90% of the U.S. population and 80% of the Canadian population. And, we are proud to serve over 35,000 retail locations across North America through our water exchange and water refill operations. Our core water delivery business provides a range of on-the-go and multi-gallon bottled water products packaged in PET, HDPE, polycarbonate, and glass. We also offer customers a line of water dispensers for homes and offices, plus self-service exchange and refill drinking water in retail locations. Our wide range of water types includes spring, artesian, purified, distilled, fluoridated, premium, and sparkling waters. Led by our flagship brand, PureFlo, our water filtration solutions include new, patented shaker technology that extends filter life and ensures ongoing water quality. We also offer water filtration systems with IoT-connected smart technology that features a consumer dashboard, automated real-time service requests, easy trouble-shooting, and long-term predictive analytics on water consumption. In addition to our water delivery and filtration services, DS Services d.b.a Primo Water North America is also a leading coffee service provider for homes and businesses. For more information about our product and services, please go to www.water.com read more

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