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Defendertech Fog Generator

Security and Investigations ยท Montelabbate, Marche

Today, protecting your investments has become a need of primary importance. The high crime rate makes effective defence neces ... sary. DEFENDERTECH blocks any possible attempt of theft with its powerful FOG emission, protecting your goods in an instant, definitively solving this problem. An absolutely secure system, able to block or discourage any attempt of theft, in any situation or condition. Even the best alarm system on the market has an inherent short-coming: the police or security forces take several minutes to intervene, allowing the thieves to act undisturbed . DEFENDERTECH, the most powerful and complete fog generator on the market, bridges this short-coming. It only takes a few seconds to neutralise the intruder, because he will no longer be able to see anything. He will only have one option: TO RUN. Staying would mean being TRAPPED by a dense fog. So dense that he would have no visual perception and would be disoriented to the point of not being able to find the exit. The smarter thieves will see the DEFENDERTECH in the premises and will avoid attempting burglary because they know that they will have no chance of success. DEFENDERTECH is the first Italian manufacturer of fog generators. The production is 100% Made in Italy and is composed of SIX innovative, effective and original models that offer a wide choice of configurations. The SPECIAL liquid formula used by DEFENDERTECH to generate the IS NOT TOXIC IS NOT CORROSIVE IS NOT OILY IS NOT FLAMMABLE read more

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