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Corporate Health Partners

Health, Wellness and Fitness · Kennesaw, GA

Bad habits can be hard to break and an unwillingness to recognize this is why many corporate wellness programs ultimately fai ... l. That’s where Corporate Health Partners comes in. Unlike impersonal virtual programs offered by other wellness providers, CHP offers personalized health improvement solutions—designed to create lasting behavior change. As one of the Top 25 Wellness Providers of 2017 and an industry leader with over 16 years experience providing onsite corporate wellness programs, CHP can help you cultivate a healthier workforce, making employees more productive in the process. We believe people are products of their environment, and that culture can either support or sabotage their personal goals. To keep your environment nurturing the former, we work with you to change food policies, increase health awareness with educational classes, and develop healthy living competitions to get people walking the talk. When you partner with us, we’ll get to work immediately providing a wellness assessment and plan, individual biometric and health risk assessments for benchmark measurement, personalized face-to-face coaching sessions for continuous improvement, and year-long culture building. And, to keep CHP staff, clients and participants aligned, our Health Portal provides a home in which to view year-to-year improvements and trends. CHP's health coaches have a passion for helping others live healthy and are professionally trained in behavior modification techniques. They also possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a health science field such as Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists, Exercise Science/Physiology and Fitness. With CHP, everyone’s a winner. Our clients win Atlanta's Healthiest Employers every year, and their "employer of choice" programs are lowering risk factors and saving lives. In addition to seeing the ROI on the faces of their employees, our clients are seeing it in the bottom line. read more

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