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Computer Software ยท Edinburgh, Edinburgh

We are The University of Edinburgh Computing Society and Artificial Intelligence Society, also more well known as CompSoc. Co ... mpsoc is a student run, gigantic cooking pot of geeky people who have a healthy (yet more likely unhealthy) interest in Computing and Information techonologies. This does not mean that the society in only interested in the technologies, theories and practice of Computing, CompSoc is also concerned with the impact of computing and information technologies to the general public as a whole. The society also encourages and provides support to those who want to collaborate with other peers and staff to realise their extracurricular projects and papers. These individuals and groups become SIGs (Special Interest Group). Even inside of The University of Edinburgh's informatics curriculum we try to provide support to students (especially those in first year) in line with their semester studies with special workshops provided by peers in CompSoc. For example: Last year we ran a midnight Haskell session from 12-4 in the morning to get ready for an exam the next morning, and attendees felt that they did much better because of it. Moreover we have a Cascaders program in which you can approach any Cascaders Participant in Appleton Tower when you find them carrying a Plush Toy near their computer signifying their expertise (think Python for Python, Camel for Perl, Gandalf's hat for Lisp) as well as a SIG that is going to work on the webclient for Cascaders. read more

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