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Civic & Social Organization · Calgary, Alberta
Website: www.compassionateyyc.ca

Our mission is to transform Calgary into Canada’s most compassionate city. Imagine what it would be like when Calgary is reco ... gnized as the most compassionate city in Canada. Neighbours are helping neighbours just because they want to. Elderly people’s sidewalks are shovelled. People stop to help someone with a broken-down vehicle. Homeless people are acknowledged. There might not even be any to acknowledge since they’d all be taken care of. Families are opening up their homes. Communities are coming together to solve issues. People are volunteering. Companies are keeping their employees. When we’re compassionate, all the judgment, economic status, ego, or anything else we put in the way becomes irrelevant. Everything becomes irrelevant except for what is happening right then and there. Those moments of compassion are created from a place of love, from a place of acceptance, and from a place of unconditional service. The more compassionate we are, the more those moments show up in our lives. And the more fulfilling our lives become. A compassionate city is a thriving city. It is a city where the potential of our people is unlocked, and the overall human experience of living here is elevated. A compassionate city is resilient, inclusive, and accessible. A compassionate city is Calgary. Let’s work together to make Calgary Canada’s most compassionate city! read more

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