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Community Agency

Marketing and Advertising ยท Toronto, Ontario

This is a movement. One with great momentum. We're all about big things. Born of the belief that two heads are better than on ... e, and three heads forever trump two, we've assembled, grand aspirations in tow, and we've built a community. Mission The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are individuals, yes. Each of us, like you, hailing from different backgrounds, different cities and countries of origin, bred on different bodies of thought. But our community is not confined by boundaries. It is both tangible, and intangible at once. We are here, and we are everywhere. We are Community. One by one, we've come together. Congregating in the name of innovation, imagination, and ingenuity. We are a group of like minds, bound by one common thread. We are ideas people, free thinkers, and creative visionaries. We are a band of outsiders, perched on the periphery of convention. Outside the lines we colour. Outside the box we think. Besides, boxes are for squares anyway. We have mastered the art of communication, using pictures, words, and inventive devices. If you have something to say, we are your carrier pigeon, your smoke signal, your bullhorn on a soapbox. We build experiences, we enrich, and we educate. Operating both onsite and online, paper, plastic, or pure word of mouth. We are social mediums. We are facilitators, and fabricators, dreamers, idea developers, and we execute with inclusivity at the core. read more

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