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Cardiff Lexington Corporation

Capital Markets · Lexington, Kentucky

Cardiff Lexington Corporation (OTCQB: CDIX) is a diversified platform providing both an "Equity Exit or Equity Capitalization ... Strategy" for Business Owners and a diversified investment platform for Equity Investors where risk for all parties is mitigated through diversification. Cardiff Lexington is a public holding company, much like a cooperative, leveraging proven management in private companies that become subsidiaries under our umbrella. Our focus is not based on a specific industry or geographic location, but rather on a proven management, market, and historical operating margin. We target acquisitions of mature, high growth, niche companies. Cardiff’s strategy identifies and empowers select income-producing middle market private businesses and commercial real estate properties. Cardiff Lexington acquires successful private companies with a solid management team, consistent revenue growth, and positive EBITDA. We are industry agnostic with few geographical limitations however our concentration is in Financial Services, Healthcare, and Real Estate. Subsidiaries consolidate audited financial reporting like a cooperative or mutual fund for the protection of those subsidiaries and investors alike. This concept offer diversified accredited investors mitigated risk, and target companies equity capitalization, equity exit strategies, diversification, leverage value and pooled resources to maximize asset appreciation over time through stock performance. The target company’s management team typically maintains control of the day to day operations. Acquisitions become standalone autonomous subsidiaries that gain the advantages of a publicly traded company without losing their independent management control. Management enjoys the advantage of improved valuation, liquidity, synergies, and support, along with diversification and asset appreciation through collective subsidiary performance. Diversification and pooled resources leverage value and mitigate risk. read more

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