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British Columbia Libertarian Party

Political Organization ยท Vancouver, British Columbia

The British Columbia Libertarian Party was founded in 1986 to advocate for individual liberty, low taxes, free markets, and s ... ocial tolerance. Every British Columbian should be free to pursue their vision of a better life, as long as they never harm another person while doing so. Libertarians are staunch proponents of freedom of expression and social tolerance; that we should respect and defend the rights and freedoms of every individual, even if we disagree with some of their life choices or opinions. Hate speech laws are deeply divisive, punishing people purely on the basis of opinion, and are now regularly used by groups as political weapons against their opponents. We believe that it is a primary function of government to protect freedom of expression, not restrict it. Opinions should be countered with opinions, not the brutal power of the State. Free economies lead to more prosperous societies, with abundant opportunities for business, charity, education, employment, investment, innovation, and trade, which in turn promotes more upward social mobility. A competitive marketplace means that consumers receive good value for the products and services they buy, and producers are rightly rewarded for fulfilling the needs of their fellow man. The BC Libertarian Party, as a constructive and solutions-focused political party, exists to promote better public policy for all British Columbians by reducing the role of government and increasing the role of markets. We look to the combined creativity and energy of millions of free individuals to truly make British Columbia the greatest place on Earth to live. read more

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