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Banqis Holding Ag ltd.

International Trade and Development ยท Wakefield

Idea about a community, club or network that is a business booster for anyone involved was born almost two decades ago, in di ... fferent times and space. It has evolved through experiences and time changes during the years and was finally realised at end of this decade, before a new 2020 era starts. Joining forces of experienced professionals, decades of background in business associations and clubs in several countries and uniting international business involvement provided the unique strategic solution, that could be called alliance, ecosystem or platform... in fact, regardless of name, it is an incredible international solution for any kind of business that wishes to adapt to new age that is coming. The indisputable facts are that business operations are changing at the speed of light. The quantity of available information that is made available in the last two years combined is bigger than the rest of all other available info. It is essential that an entrepreneur is recognizing the importance of remaining informed and educated, but does not spend all his time doing it. Overflow of offers, information and opportunities is often causing loss of focus, which is strongly influencing the development and chances of success, on the other hand... remaining isolated is like closing the doors to clients.Using special tools, network of partners, providers and mentors, proactive access and lean, optimized approach are the key elements that Banqis is using to overcome any competitor for both - its members or its own projects.Imagine a world, where you are doing what you love. Whatever problem you run into... you get a proven and cost efficient solution, fast. You are top buyer and vip customer at every step of your business, regardless of size, age, location and status. You get proven info, education, support, different points of view, suggestions on how to improve... at every single step of your path... at a fraction of the real cost. This is Banqis world... read more

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