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Ampley Heartstone Capital

Financial Services · Bethesda, Maryland

Ampley Heartstone is a boutique financial services firm that offers a consultative approach to accesing capital. We can arran ... ge fast and flexible financing to develop payment options that will help your business grow. And we refer you to resources that can help you maintain that growth. Our passion are serving the underutilized markets of small, minority, and women-owned businesses, as well as churches and start-ups. Our clients also serve their communities or are commercial real estate investors and developers. Our clients come to us with a typical scenario. You took the time to develop a relationship with your bank, faithfully depositing money and savings. Yet your bank turned you down, and now you feel as though the effort that you invested in the relationship – in both time and money — was wasted. Many business owners believe that once their bank rejects them, they have nowhere else to turn. They would be pleasantly surprised to learn, however, that there are many alternative lenders who, as compared to big banks, have more relaxed requirements and are willing to take on more risk. Alternative lenders have a wide variety of special loan programs that are specifically geared to businesses who were turned down by their banks, even applicants with insufficient credit history, poor cash flow, insufficient collateral and/or too much debt already. It is highly likely that your bank denied you because you did not satisfy their strict guidelines, which are known as “lender overlays” or “bank overlays”. The federal government sets official minimum standards, but most banks are more conservative and therefore apply additional guidelines on top of the official standards — hence the term “overlays.” The key, therefore, is finding a lender who imposes fewer restrictions or overlays than your bank, which will boost your chances of getting approved. No matter what the reason was for your loan being denied, there is a loan program out there for you. read more

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