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ADALTIS - IVD Company, Italy

Medical Devices · Rome

Adaltis S.r.l. is an international IVD company headquartered in Rome, Italy. Adaltis develops, manufactures and markets in-vi ... tro diagnostic systems and reagents to detect viral infections, diagnose immune system diseases and measure human hormone responses. Personal LAB - fully automated 2 plate microELISA/IFA analyser NEXgen - fully automated 7 plate microELISA / IFA analyser EXTRAlab - Robotic systems for liquid handling, extraction/purification of nucleic acids Pchem Family - clinical chemistry systems for 120-500 tests/hour (Instruments and dedicated reagents). HEMO One - Point of Care Analyser (Diabetes / Vitamin deficiencies / Metabolic disorders / Inflammatory diseases) With more than 10 thousands of instruments installed worldwide, Adaltis is known for excellence in performance and innovation. Adaltis’ development and production of reagents include a wide range of assays: - Diagnostic kits for detection of infection agents by real-time PCR (MOLgen Line) - MicroELISA kits (EIAgen) - Clinical Chemistry / Turbidity / Latex (CHEMgen) - Genomics & Bioinformatics MDx kits and reagents for DNA/RNA complete extraction kits providing a wide range of clinical specimens (liquids, tissue, cells etc.), compatible with most DNA extraction kits on market. Adaltis provides: Dedicated Customized Services and Antibody Production. Adaltis has a strong record in OEM / ODM development and production of systems and kits. Well known partners have experienced and enjoy the expertise and quality products of Adaltis. Adaltis is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Our products are IVD-CE marked. All of our products are backed by dedicated application support and technical service. Customer Care Center: Sales and Marketing Office: Order Handling and Logistics: Tel: + 39 0774 5791 read more

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